Born and educated in India, I moved to Michigan in  1971, where I completed my training in Oncology & Hematology . The next 40 years i was involved in caring for cancer patients and teaching internal medicine residents about cancer and blood diseases.

A frequent question that I am asked by many doctors  and  non-medical people is “How do you do it”. Is it not depressing to see suffering and death on a frequent basis. Early in my career caring for such sick people did have an emotional toll  on my psyche. As I gained experience I realized the courage cancer patients and their loved ones have shown in spite of many challenges they had to face. They are the true heroes and they gave me strength to deal with sickness on a regular basis.

The 37 years I spent caring for cancer patients have been extraordinarily rewarding. That is the reason why I continue to keep up with the latest developments in the field of oncology on a regular basis even though i am currently retired .   I very much enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with friends and relatives when they need an opinion regarding their cancers.

My reason to start a blog (with out my daughter’s encouragement and technical help, this would not have been possible) is to share the message that there is  hope at every stage of  cancer . Definition of hope and expectations may  be different at each stage.